Afro Love (LP)

  1. Dark skin girl Snazzy Skikena 0:31
  2. No delay Ft Elcee Gweja Snazzy Shikena 0:31
  3. Laissez-les parler Ft Obaro Justice Snazzy Skikena 0:30
  4. Mandela Ft Chubby Snazzy Shikena 0:30
  5. Whine for me Snazzy Shikena 0:31
  6. Fatima Ft Wunda & Payseen Snazzy Shikena 0:31
  7. Forever Ft Thona Lee Snazzy Shikena 0:31
  8. Come Ft Soulful G Snazzy Skinena 0:31
  9. Boss baby Snazzy Shikena 0:31
  10. Validé Snazzy Skinena 0:30

Track List

  1. Dark Skin Girl
  2. No Delay ft Elcee Gweja
  3. Laissez les Parler ft Obaro Justice
  4. Mandela ft Chubby
  5. Whine For Me
  6. Fatima ft Wunda & Payseen
  7. Forever ft Thona Lee
  8. Come ft Soulful G
  9. Boss Baby
  10. Validé

Featured Artists :

  1. Elcee Gweja – Zimbabwe
  2. Chubby – South African
  3. Thona – South Africa
  4. Wunda – Lesotho
  5. Payseen – Nigeria
  6. Obaro Justice – Nigeria
  7. Soulful G – South Africa

Producers :

Taffy – South Africa

Slick Widit – South Africa

Tony Ef – Cameroon


Dj Megi – Malawi

LavaWaPrepa – South Africa

Ruff – South Africa

K Master K Mix – Cameroon

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Afro Love is a 10 track LP celebrating the African/ Black woman. The LP includes already released single ‘Dark Skin Girl’ which is a remake of Beyoncé’s ‘Brown Skin Girl.’ In November, he released a video for ‘Mandela,’ the fourth track on the album . This project will count as Snazzy’s second official project and  it is a feel good/ good vibes body of work that shows a more refined artists from his previous works.

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